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Sunday, 21 September 2014

To all readers, Khmerization heard your voice, loud and clear!

Khmerization, you only have yourself to blame! 

By Your Old timer

Dear Khmerization, I think you are smart enough to know who Drgunzet is and what his real intentions here are. And you should know the cause of: “Khmerization's site counter indicates that readership has dropped nearly 30% since people migrated from Kimedia to Khmerization.” 

Readers stay away because you have taken Drgunzet’s racial comments as topics of discussions while we try to ignore him. You should blame yourself for the drop because you let Drgunzet manipulate you. 19 September 2014 5:19 pm
Khmerization, don't allow yourself to used by a troll! 

By Anonymous 

5:19 pm 

Friend, I wanted to state likewise, but you did it first. Thank you. Although we thank Khmerization for the valuable and respectable service for Cyber Khmer community, we also need to point out two misguided ramifications : 
1.Drawing Debates 
As soon as Khmerization features Drgunzet's comments, faithful readers get enraged. 
2. Off Posted Topics 
Because of the distorted facts, lies and racism, and the likes 

Drgunzet camouflages as the truth, nothing but the truth, to feed and support his agenda, the readers/posters have had to reply off your posted topics. 

Khmerization, please get off your high horse to realize this Yuon Drgunzet using you and your platform to do harm to your own kind and your gravely ill Motherland. 

We know you are very busy, we appreciate that, we like to suggest that as soon as you spot the name " Drgunzet ", just delete that post right away. This way you teach this lowlife a lesson. Thank you
Khmerization's response:

Dear readers,

I heard your voice loud and clear. I understand your frustration by Drgunzet's provocative comments and his racial slurs against Khmers. I'm as much as frustrated as you, if not more.

I have just deleted a few of Drgunzet's provocative comments and his racial slurs against Khmers. It's unacceptable for me to tolerate his childish behaviors any longer. From now on, I shall try to delete all provocative, offensive and racist comments, not just from Drgunzet, but all comments deemed offensive and racist.

If readers, and particularly Drgunzet, ignore my plea this time, I shall set the comment forum to a moderation mode, which means all comments will be moderated before published. Therefore, I call on all readers to please be civil in your debate, stay on the topic, respect each other and please avoid offensive comments and personal attacks against one another.

I try to be fair to everybody but it seems people are not giving me a breathing space in which to allow readers full freedom of speech, which was my original aim when I created this blog 7 years ago.

So Drgunzet, for the last time, I ask you to cease your trolls and start engaging in sensible debates. And to all readers, I ask that you to also cease the personal attacks against Drgunzet.  I hope all readers understand my position. Thank you.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Cambodia census has ethnic Vietnamese community worried

20 September 2014, BBC TV
The Cambodian Interior ministry is carrying out a census to identify how many foreigners - legal and illegal - are living in the country.
Despite the government's claim the poll is aimed at all foreign nationals, it is mostly the ethnic Vietnamese population that have been feeling the effects.
Ethnic Vietnamese make up Cambodia's largest immigrant community, numbering up to a million. Many are afraid about their future.
BBC Vietnamese's Nga Pham reports. Watch the video here.

Joint press conference between MP Ho Vann and Preap Kol of Transparency International

Sam Rainsy attend Pchum Ben ceremony at Wat Khtor Pagoda

Apsara Authority acknowledges there are graffiti on the walls on Khmer ancient temple អាជ្ញាធរ​ជាតិ​អប្សរា​ទទួលស្គាល់ថា មាន​សរសេរ​អក្សរ​បរទេស​លើ​រូបចម្លាក់​នៅ​ប្រាសាទ​បុរាណ​​

ដោយ៖​ បូ សាវី​ | ថ្ងៃសៅរ៍ ទី20 កញ្ញា 2014, 

អក្សរសរសេរលើជញ្ជាំងប្រាសាទបុរាណ (រូបភាពពី៖ បណ្តាញសង្គមហ្វេសប៊ុក)
​អាជ្ញាធរ​ជាតិ​អប្សរា ទទួលស្គាល់ថា មាន​ការសរសេរ​អក្សរ​ជាច្រើន​ជាតិ​សាសន៍ នៅលើ​រូបចម្លាក់​តាម​ជញ្ជាំង​ប្រាសាទ​បុរាណ​ខ្មែរ​។
​ការ​ទទួស្គាល់​នេះ ធ្វើឡើង​បន្ទាប់​ពី​មាន​បណ្ដាញ​ទំនាក់ទំនង​សង្គម​ហ្វេ​សប៊ុក និង​ពលរដ្ឋ​មួយចំនួន​រិះគន់ ចោទប្រកាន់​ស្ថាប័ន​នេះ​ថា បណ្ដោយ​ឲ្យ​ជនបរទេស​បំផ្លាញ​កេរដំណែល​ដូនតា​ខ្មែរ។
​យោង​សេចក្ដីបំភ្លឺ របស់​អាជ្ញាធរ​ជាតិ​អប្សរា ចុះ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៧​ខែ​កញ្ញា ដែល​VOD​ទទួលបាន​នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​សៅរ​នេះ ឲ្យដឹងថា អក្សរ​បរទេស ដែល​សរសេរ និង​ចារ​នៅ​លើ​ថ្ម​ប្រាសាទ​បុរាណ មាន​ភាសា​ជប៉ុន ចិន ភូមា សៀម បារាំង និង​វៀតណាម​ជាដើម​។
​លិខិត​បន្ដថា ក្នុងចំណោម​ភាសាបរទេស​ទាំងអស់ មាន​ភាសា​ជប៉ុន មាន​អាយុកាល​ចាស់​ជាងគេ ក្នុងចំណោម​អក្សរ​ទាំងនោះ គឺ​ចារិក​នៅ​ដើម​សតវត្សរ៍​ទី​១៧ ចំណែក​ភាសារ​ផ្សេងទៀត​នៅ​សត​វ​ស្សរ៍​ទី​១៩ ទី​២០ និង​នៅ​មុន​ឆ្នាំ​១៩៨៩​។
​លិខិត​ដដែល​បញ្ជាក់​ថា អាជ្ញាធរ​បាន​សរុប​អត្ដ​ន័យ នៃ​ការសរសេរ​អក្សរ​ទាំងនោះ មានន័យ​ថា អ្នកស្វែងរក​បុណ្យ​មកពី​ប្រទេស ជប៉ុន ភូមា សៀម និង​វៀតណាម មក​សំពះ​បូ​ជនី​ដ្ឋា​ន ជា​ទឹកដី​របស់​ព្រះ​ដែល​គេ​ឯង​មក​គោរពបូជា និង​សម្គាល់​ថា ខ្លួន​មក​ដល់​អង្គរវត្ដ​ជា​ទីឋាន​ខ្ពង់ខ្ពស់​លើ​លោក​។
​ករណីនេះ មគ្គុទេសក៍​ទេសចរ​ភាសា​អង់គ្លេស លោក ព្រហ្ម សុវណ្ណ ថ្លែងថា ការបំភ្លឺ​របស់​អាជ្ញាធ​រ​ជាតិ​អប្សរា​នេះ មិនមែន​ជា​ការ​ពិត​ឡើយ ព្រោះ​ការសរសេរ​អក្សរ​បរទេស លើ​ប្រាសាទ​បុរាណ​នេះ កើតឡើង​នៅ​ពេល​ថ្មីៗ​នោះទេ​។ លោក​ថា បច្ចុប្បន្ន នៅ​តាម​ប្រាសាទ​បុរាណ​ជាច្រើន ជា​ពិ​សស​ប្រាសាទ​អង្គរវត្ដ​ត្រូវបាន​គេ​យក​វត្ថុ​រឹង​គូសវាស​តាម​អំពើ​ចិត្ដ​។

Kem Sokha says the duties of parliamentarians are not only confined to the parliament's chambers លោក កឹម សុខា ថា​តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ​មិន​មែន​មាន​តួនាទី​តែ​ក្នុង​រដ្ឋសភា​ទេ

កឹម សុខា ៦២០
អនុប្រធាន​រដ្ឋសភា​នៃ​ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រ​កម្ពុជា លោក កឹម សុខា សំណេះ​សំណាល​ជាមួយ​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ក្នុង​ឱកាស​ចូលរួម​កាន់​បិណ្ឌ​វេន​ទី​១២ នៅ​វត្ត​ពោធិ៍អណ្ដែត ឃុំ​ស៊ាងឃ្វាង ស្រុក​កំចាយមារ ខេត្ត​ព្រៃវែង នៅ​ព្រឹក​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​២០ ខែ​កញ្ញា ឆ្នាំ​២០១៤។
RFA/Hum Chamroeun
អនុប្រធាន​ទី​១​នៃ​រដ្ឋសភា ថ្លែង​ខណៈ​សំណេះ​សំណាល​ជាមួយ​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​នៅ​ខេត្ត​ព្រៃវែង ថា សមាជិក​សភា តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ​គ្រប់​រូប មាន​តួនាទី​សំខាន់​ណាស់​ក្នុង​ការ​ជួយ​ដោះស្រាយ​ពី​ទុក្ខ​កង្វល់​របស់​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ មិន​ថា​ខាង​ក្នុង ឬ​នៅ​ក្រៅ​របង​រដ្ឋសភា​នោះ​ទេ គឺ​មាន​កាតព្វកិច្ច​ពន្យល់ និង​បកស្រាយ​គ្រប់​ទីកន្លែង​ទាំងអស់។
ការ​លើក​ឡើង​របស់ លោក កឹម សុខា ទំនង​ឆ្លើយ​តប​នឹង​ប្រសាសន៍​លោក​នាយក​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ហ៊ុន សែន ដែល​ថ្លែង​ថា តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ​អង្គុយ​នៅ​កៅអី​ណា ធ្វើ​ការ​នៅ​ទីនោះ និង​មិន​គួរ​ដើរ​រិះគន់​ក្រៅ​សភា។
លោក កឹម សុខា ថ្លែង​បែប​នេះ​ក្នុង​ឱកាស​ដឹក​នាំ​សមាជិក​សភា​តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ ទៅ​ចូលរួម​កាន់​បិណ្ឌ​វេន​ទី​១២ នៅ​វត្ត​ពោធិ៍អណ្ដែត ឃុំ​ស៊ាងឃ្វាង ស្រុក​កំចាយមារ ខេត្ត​ព្រៃវែង នា​ព្រឹក​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​២០ ខែ​កញ្ញា។
លោក កឹម សុខា និយាយ​ក្នុង​ទឹក​មុខ​ញញឹមញញែម​ទៅ​កាន់​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ម្ចាស់​ឆ្នោត ក្នុង​ឱកាស​កាន់​បិណ្ឌ​នោះ​ថា លោក​នឹង​មិន​ថ្លែង​សារ​នយោបាយ​ក្នុង​រដូវ​បុណ្យ​ភ្ជុំបិណ្ឌ​នេះ​ទេ ដើម្បី​ឲ្យ​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ធ្វើ​បុណ្យ​ឧទ្ទិស​កុសល​ជូន​ទៅ​ដល់​ជីដូន​ជីតា និង​បុព្វការី​ជន​ទាំង ៧​សន្ដាន។ ឆ្លៀត​ក្នុង​ឱកាស​នោះ​ដែរ លោក កឹម សុខា បាន​ពន្យល់​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ទំនង​បែប​ឆ្លើយ​តប​ទៅ​នឹង​ប្រសាសន៍​របស់​លោក​នាយក​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ហ៊ុន សែន ដោយ​លោក​លើក​ឡើង​ថា សមាជិក​សភា​តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ​គ្រប់​រូប មាន​តួនាទី​សំខាន់ មិន​មែន​នៅ​តែ​ក្នុង​បន្ទប់​ម៉ាស៊ីន​ត្រជាក់ ដែល​មាន​កម្រាល​ព្រំ​ស្អាត​នោះ​ទេ គឺ​សមាជិក​សភា​តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ មាន​នាទី​ចុះ​ទៅ​សួរ​សុខ​ទុក្ខ និង​ជួយ​ដោះស្រាយ​ទុក្ខ​កង្វល់​របស់​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​គ្រប់​ទីកន្លែង​ទាំងអស់៖ «តួនាទី​របស់​តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ គឺ​តំណាង​ឲ្យ​ប្រជារាស្ត្រ អ៊ីចឹង​រឿងរ៉ាវ​សំខាន់​បំផុត មិន​មែន​អង្គុយ​នៅ​ក្នុង​សភា​ទេ រឿង​ធំ​បំផុត គឺ​អង្គុយ​នៅ​ក្បែរ​ប្រជារាស្ត្រ និយាយ​ទៅ​កាន់​ប្រជារាស្ត្រ ស្ដាប់​ប្រជារាស្ត្រ តើ​ប្រជារាស្ត្រ​ចង់​ដឹង​រឿង​អី ខ្វល់ខ្វាយ​រឿង​អី។ ហើយ​ក្នុង​នាម​ខ្លួន​ជា​តំណាង​ឲ្យ​ប្រជារាស្ត្រ​នេះ គឺ​មើល​ឃើញ​បញ្ហា​ស្រុក​ទេស​ហ្នឹង បញ្ហា​នយោបាយ​ហ្នឹង វា​ខ្វះខាត​ត្រង់​ណា វា​ល្អ​ត្រង់​ណា ត្រូវ​មក​ប្រាប់​រាស្ត្រ​វិញ។ បើ​តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ​អង្គុយ​តែ​ក្នុង​ម៉ាស៊ីន​ត្រជាក់ និយាយ​តែ​ក្នុង​សភា មិន​មែន​តំណាង​ពិត​ប្រាកដ​ទេ​ណាស់ លោក​យាយ​លោក​តា​ណាស់ បាទ! ខ្ញុំ​បញ្ជាក់​ជូន​ប៉ុណ្ណឹង​សិន»
កន្លង​មក លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ធ្លាប់​បាន​ថ្លែង​នៅ​ក្នុង​ពិធី​ប្រកាស​ផ្សព្វផ្សាយ​ដាក់​ឲ្យ​ប្រើប្រាស់​ជា​ផ្លូវ​ការ​នូវ​ផែនការ​យុទ្ធសាស្ត្រ​អភិវឌ្ឍន៍​ជាតិ ឆ្នាំ​២០១៤-២០១៨ នា​សណ្ឋាគារ​សូហ្វីតែល ភ្នំពេញ ភូកេត្រា (SOFITEL PHNOM PENH PHOKEETHRA) នៅ​ព្រឹក​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៨ ខែ​កញ្ញា ថា នៅ​ក្នុង​រយៈពេល​ប៉ុន្មាន​ថ្ងៃ​មក​នេះ គ្មាន​អ្នក​បាញ់​កាំភ្លើង​ធំ​ដាក់​លោក​ទេ គឺ​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ចង់​សំដៅ​ទៅ​លើ លោក កឹម សុខា មិន​បាន​រិះគន់​ដល់​លោក​នៅ​ឱកាស​ពិធី​ភ្ជុំបិណ្ឌ​ជិត​មក​ដល់​នេះ។ លោក ហ៊ុន សែន អះអាង​ថា តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ​ទាំងអស់​អង្គុយ​លើ​កៅអី​ណា ត្រូវ​ធ្វើ​ការ​នៅ​កៅអី​នោះ​នៅ​ក្នុង​សភា មិន​ត្រូវ​ដើរ​រិះគន់​នៅ​ក្រៅ​សភា​ទេ៖ «គេ​អត់​ទៅ​និយាយ​នៅ​ក្រៅ​តាម​ចិញ្ចើម​ថ្នល់ និយាយ​ឃោសនា​ទេ ហើយ​ពេល​ខ្លះ​និយាយ​ជ្រុល​ថា មិន​បាច់​ទៅ​រក​អ្នក​ណា​ទេ ជួយ​នាយក​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​បោស​សម្អាត​នាយក​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ព្រោះ​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ជួយ​យក​លុយ​ឲ្យ​នាយក​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី បើ​អ៊ីចឹង​ចប់​ហើយ រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ហោ ណាំហុង រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ទៀ បាញ់ ទាំងអស់​ហ្នឹង រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ឲ្យ​តែ​ធុន​ហ្នឹង ចប់​បាត់​ហើយ តែ​នាយក​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ត្រូវ​ការពារ​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ខ្លួន​ដែរ​ណា? តែ​បើ​សិន​ខុស​មែន មិន​បាច់​ឲ្យ​អស់​លោក​បោះ​ឆ្នោត​ឲ្យ​ទម្លាក់​ទេ តែ​បើ​បោះ​ឆ្នោត​ទម្លាក់ មក​និយាយ​នៅ​ក្នុង​សភា មិន​មែន​និយាយ​នៅ​ក្រៅ​រដ្ឋសភា​ទេ»

Working Together to Fight Extremism

By William E. Todd, U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia
This week I received a question from Boramey in Siem Reap, who writes, “I have been reading news reports about the murder of U.S. and British hostages in the Middle East.  What is the United States government doing to end the violence?”
The developing situation in the Middle East may seem far away from here, but in fact it is of great importance to all nations of the world, including Cambodia.  Every country has a role to play right now in countering violent extremism.
The militant group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as ISIL, or ISIS)has been carrying out a campaign of violence, repression, and destruction against all who disagree with their extremist views.  The recent beheadings of journalists and aid workers have shocked the world, but it is only a part of the picture. ISIL has directly caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, and they arealso committing other human rights violations including enslaving women and forcing them into marriage.ISIL claims to be fighting on behalf of Islam, but its hateful ideology has no place in any religion.  As President Barack Obama said, “ISIL is not ‘Islamic.’  No religion condones the killing of innocents.”
On Thursday, Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen strongly condemned ISIL’s brutality and said that although Cambodia cannot send forces to the Middle East, “mentally and politically we support all activities that destroy terrorist groups” including ISIL.We appreciate the Prime Minister’s words of support and his efforts to call attention to this urgent issue.
As Samdech Prime Minister noted, terrorists are looking to use other countries as a safe haven or to launder money.  Foreign fighters are already traveling to the Middle East to join ISIL, and some will surely look to bring those deadly skills to other parts of the world, including Southeast Asia.ISIL is already looking to expand its reach, as we saw on Friday with news reports that the Australian government foiled an alleged plot by ISIL militants to attack random members of the public.  No place in the world is immune to the risk.

Workers flock homes for Pchum Ben celebration

Give our kids a better deal 

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Cambodian facotory workers are flocking to provinces starting from this Saturday for annual Pchum Ben celebration from 22-24 September. 
The citizens in the capital are also found leaving for provinces with their families. 
"My factory employer lets about 100 workers take a week off to return to hometowns," said Li Sreyny, factory workers in Champu Vorn village on outskirt of capital. 
Sreyny said her employer also lended each worker USD 50, and the money will be paid when they come back to work. 
Pchum Ben, a ceremony for the dead, is one of the most important traditional ceremonies.

Prestigious declaration adopted at inaugural International Conference on Community Development Through Tourism

Theodore Koumelis - 19 September 2014, 08:49

The Phnom Penh Declaration defines community based tourism as an activity, community owned and operated, and managed or coordinated at the community level that contributes to the well-being of communities through supporting sustainable livelihoods and protecting valued socio-cultural traditions and natural and cultural heritage resources.

PHNOM PENH - The Royal Government of Cambodia, in collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), and Griffith University accepted and endorsed the Phnom Penh Declaration on Community Development Through Tourism yesterday.
Our two-day international conference has been constructive, productive, fruitful, and efficient. In line with this year’s theme for UWNTO’s World Tourism day of tourism and community development, we resolve to seek further understanding, participation and involvement of the citizens in the ongoing process of environmentally sustainable and socially responsible tourism development. I hereby proclaim the Phnom Penh Declaration as the official record of our two-day international conference,” said H.E. Mr. Tith Chantha, Secretary of State of Tourism and High Representative of H.E. Dr. Thong Kohn, Minister of Tourism, Cambodia.
It is highly appropriate to announce the Phnom Penh Declaration ahead of PATA’s 37th Travel Mart when there is so clearly a pragmatic alignment of interests between public and private sectors. Authenticity is at the heart of good travel experiences, and communities deliver that authenticity. No matter how good your hardware, you will not get repeat customers without good human capital development and community buy-in,” added Martin Craigs, PATA CEO. 
Accepted and endorsed at the International Conference on Community Development Through Tourism, the Phnom Penh Declaration recognises the principles and guidelines for community development through tourism, and the work of community based tourism and its stakeholders to sustain communities and their unique attributes, conserve and protect the natural environment and cultural resources, foster knowledge exchange, and promote local socio-economic development, capacity building, empowerment, and poverty reduction. 
Dr. Greg Hill, Vice Chancellor and President, University of the Sunshine Coast, said, “Community based tourism has the potential to empower communities and the individuals who live in them. The conference has brought together local, regional, and international expertise to share best practice and plan for a more productive and equitable future for those most in need. The Phnom Penh Declaration captures the combined wisdom and vision of the conference participants. It maps an exciting and practical pathway to the future.” 

Retailers Prepared to Pay Higher Prices for Cambodia Made Garments

Garment union workers gather outside Phnom Penh Tower in a bid to petition branches of H&M and M&S to support their campaign for an increase in the minimum wage, Sept. 19, 2014.
Leading international fashion brands, including H & M, have hinted to Cambodia's government that they are prepared to pay higher prices for clothes made in the country by factoring in any increase in the minimum wage for garment workers.

The eight retailers gave the assurance in a letter to Deputy Prime Minister Keat Chhon and to the chairman of the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC), which represents garment factory owners in the country.

Cambodian garment workers launched a new campaign this week seeking an increase of their monthly minimum wage to U.S. $177 from U.S. $100 effective 2015. 

Hundreds of workers demonstrated in their factories during lunch break on Wednesday to highlight their demand ahead of a meeting of the Labor Advisory Committee (LAC), an organization of employers, the government, and unions, on Sept. 26 during which officials will discuss a possible minimum wage increase in January.

A previous demand for a wage hike to U.S. $160 had been rejected by employers, who had raised salaries to U.S. $100 from U.S. $80 this year.

“As responsible business, our purchasing practices will enable the payment of a fair living wage and increased wages will be reflected in our FOB prices, taking also into account productivity and efficiency gains and the development of the skills of workers, carried out in cooperation with unions at workplace level," H &M and other retailers Inditex, C & A, N Brown, Tchibo, Next Retail, Primark and New Look said in the letter.

Free on board (FOB) prices refer to those that suppliers are paid for garments. Labor and other costs have to be considered by garment suppliers to arrive at the prices.

"Our experience within global sourcing markets shows, when we compare the productivity and efficiency with Cambodian factories, that there are significant opportunities for development and improvement," the letter said. 

"To harness these opportunities, we will support the development and provision of processes that will enable our suppliers to deliver higher productivity and efficiency."

Cambodian Police Bust Thais With $7M in Fake Bills

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Sep 19, 2014,

Three Thai men arrested in Cambodia for allegedly carrying counterfeit U.S. $100 bills with a face value of more than $7 million planned to circulate the fakes in rural areas where they would be less likely to be detected, police said Saturday.
The men were arrested Friday in a border district in the northwestern province of Battamabang in what appears to be the biggest-ever seizure of counterfeit money in Cambodia, where dollars are commonly used for financial transactions.
Police Maj. Song Sopheak said the authorities had been tipped off and followed the men's car after it crossed the border. He said the fake banknotes had been packed in three boxes which were hidden among other materials carried in their vehicle.
The officer said two of the arrested men were vendors, and the third was a 53-year-old captain who served as a Thai border guard.
Asked if the bills could have been mock money used in religious ceremonies such as the upcoming Pchum Ben festival, in which offerings are made at Buddhist temples to deceased ancestors, he said that the money was clearly a counterfeit meant to deceive. It was the same size as real bills, though the colors were slightly different as was the quality of the paper.
For people in rural areas unaccustomed to dealing with the bills, they would be difficult to distinguish from the real thing, said Song Sopheak, chief of police in Battambang's Phnom Proek district.
He added that the men confessed to having planned to circulate the money in Cambodia, after holding it for several months in Thailand. He did not know the origin of the bills.

Malaysia Airline Flight Forced Into Emergency Landing After Flying Over Icelandic Volcano [Not again!!]

The 219 passengers were visibly shaken after the incident.
Reykjavik| A flight of the now infamous Malaysia Airlines was forced to land in Iceland, after their plane’s navigation systems were damaged by the heat and debris erupting from the volcano over which it was flying. The company’s flight MH131 going from Paris to New York reportedly went through a zone of “heavy turbulence” with “very low visibility” for a few minutes, before many of the navigation equipment simply stopped working, forcing the pilots to land the plane manually.
The pilots were directed to fly the Boeing 777 almost directly over the active Bardarbunga volcano, despite many warnings from the International Civil Aviation Organization. The extreme heat and the large quantity of sediments projected in the sky by the volcanic eruption have made the flight path extremely dangerous, as the damage to the plane shows.
Trying desperately to cut its prices to bring back customers, the Malaysian company has decided to ignore all warnings and fly over the active volcano.
Trying desperately to cut its prices to bring back lost customers, the Malaysian company has decided to ignore all warnings and fly over the active volcano.
“There was lots of smoke and flying embers, it looked like hell!” says Mohamed Teuku, one of the survivors. “The plane was shaking and trembling, I thought it was going fall apart! I thought the company had learned their lesson and that they would stop putting people’s life in danger, but it looks like I was wrong… That’s it, I’m never flying with them again!”

Somaly's Story: 'I Didn't Lie.' [Somaly Mam: The unsinkable heroine]

An explosive report in Newsweek last spring raised questions regarding the legitimacy of Cambodian anti-trafficking activist Somaly Mam, tainting the nearly two-decades-long work on behalf of victims that catapulted her into the global spotlight. But how do the allegations hold up? In her first interview since the scandal dominated headlines—and left her career and reputation in shambles—Mam tells her side of things.

Original article at Marie Clare.

Anti-trafficking activist Somaly Mam in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in August of this year.

It's a cloudy morning in Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, and Somaly Mam sits with a dozen young women at her home—a walled retreat from the swarm of motorbikes and rickshaws outside. Mam, famous in the nonprofit world for rescuing girls from brothels, has helped free the young women sitting around her kitchen table. Six of them are now in college; the others have become activists like Mam. They refer to her as their mother. Eating spicy soup and rice, they joke like family. "They are crazy," Mam says.
I'm here to speak to Mam about the recent allegations that have compromised her reputation and career. I asked her to agree to be interviewed with no subject off-limits. Mam has claimed for years that she herself was sold into a brothel in her youth. She has hobnobbed on the world stage with Hillary Clinton, Susan Sarandon, and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and Lean In fame.
This past May, Mam's life imploded after a Newsweek report left the impression that she had fabricated her life story and had encouraged a girl in her care to lie that she had been trafficked. The backlash was swift. Executives at the Somaly Mam Foundation announced her resignation. Headlines around the world labeled her a liar and a fraud, an example of the most cynical charity practices.
Amid the chaos, the young activists Mam has reared quit their jobs at the foundation in solidarity. Several of them now live with Mam. She says she told them not to quit, but to keep their jobs and collect the pay. Around her kitchen table, a palpable "us versus them" mentality prevails.
Srey Pich Loch, 23, says there was no way she could have stayed with the foundation after Mam left. "We have this life because of our mom," she says.
"And when you have no food?" Mam shoots back.
The scandal interests me because I have known and corresponded with Mam and the foundation for several years, having written about her and young women she has helped through her work. While in Cambodia, I investigated the claims against Mam and spoke to people cited in theNewsweek piece, three of whom said their views were misrepresented. One of the three, identified in Newsweek as a woman, is, in fact, a man. I also interviewed Mam's daughter Mam Sothearoath (nicknamed Nieng), who spoke publicly to me for the first time about a controversy surrounding her own past.
Of course, people can change the stories they tell. Contradictory statements, by their very nature, don't prove which version is the more accurate one. And some people may have a vested interest in Mam's redemption. Nevertheless, taken as a whole, my findings raise questions about the picture Newsweek painted of Somaly Mam. When contacted, Newsweek said it stands by its story, and the reporter had no comment.
"I didn't lie," Mam says when I ask about the allegations. So why did she remain silent? The global news cycle demands responses, I tell her. "I was not silent. I had so many lives to fix," she says, referring to the girls in her care. As the crisis grew, Mam says, she needed to reassure them. "For me, it's not about fighting with everyone," she says. "My priority was the girls. That's not silence."
Her words reveal a cultural chasm. In the West—where media savvy is part of the drill of being famous—it was assumed that, because Mam had become an international figure, she had lawyers or public relations gurus at her disposal to manage her message. Her silence for months, then, was taken as confirmation of the truth of the claims against her.
Living a world away in Cambodia, one of the poorest places on earth, Mam had a different perspective. "I didn't need a lawyer. Lawyers are all about money. You can kill people and have a lawyer, and if you're rich, you can go free," she says. "I did nothing wrong. My heart is my lawyer."

In Phnom Penh's Old Market, Mam walks with several young women she has helped at her centers over the years
In her 2005 memoir, The Road of Lost Innocence, Mam says she was born in 1970 or 1971 in a mountain tribe in Cambodia, where the women went bare-breasted and the men wore loincloths. Her parents disappeared during the Khmer Rouge era, when as many as 2 million people were executed or starved to death. Mam was left with a grandmother, who also vanished. When Mam was 9 or 10, a man who called himself "Grandfather" took her to a village along the Mekong River, she says in the book, and she became his domestic slave. She was eventually adopted by a couple who sent her to school. But Grandfather loomed, her memoir says, selling her virginity to a man when she was about 12, and later selling her to a brothel in Phnom Penh.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Who’s Telling The Truth on Somaly Mam? [The war of words between Newsweek and Marie Clare]

By Lloyd Grove 
The Daily Beast

This means war!        

In the annals of pitched battles between rival media outlets, a brass-knuckled skirmish pittingNewsweek against Marie Claire seems especially unlikely.         
Yet that is exactly what is happening, as the venerable news magazine and the glossy women’s monthly duke it out over the biographical particulars of Somaly Mam, a glamorous, charismatic, and celebrated anti-sex-trafficking activist with a murky personal history.        
Newsweek, in a devastating cover story last May, essentially called Mam a fraud, claiming that she fabricated incidents of sexual slavery, abuse and violence in her life, and those of others, in order to attract media attention and rise to global prominence.        
In a story published Wednesday—which featured Mam’s first interview in response to the allegations—Marie Claire accused Newsweek of careless, unfair reporting that basically assassinated the character of a human rights champion.        
In one instance, which Newsweek now concedes was an editing error, Marie Claire raps the newsmag for misidentifying a Cambodian man, a key source who helped debunk Mam’s personal narrative, as a woman. The headline: “Somaly’s Story: ‘I Didn’t Lie.’ ”        
Meanwhile, Mam, funded by a loyal coterie of financial backers and represented by a white-glove Manhattan PR agency working pro bono, landed in New York on Wednesday afternoon—a few hours after the Marie Claire story broke—and offered herself up for television and print interviews in an attempt to repair her damaged reputation.
Mam—who is waiting to be booked on a network morning show before granting non-televised interviews—also dropped by the Manhattan apartment of Susan Sarandon, one of her staunchest supporters.        
“It was crazy the way they threw her under the bus,” Sarandon told me, noting that she left the board of the Somaly Mam Foundation, which Mam helped launch in 2007, out of pique with their fundraising style. This was even before the non-profit group hired a white-show Boston law firm to investigate its namesake in the wake of Newsweek’s story. “Somebody should investigate the investigation,” Sarandon added. “They spent quite a bit of money, and it’s clear it was not very complete if Marie Claire managed to find out what they did in one attempt.”  

Proposed Vietnamese Law a Threat to Cambodia’s Casinos

Titan King Resort and Casino in Bavet town, Svay Rieng province.
BY  AND  | the cambodia daily, SEPTEMBER 18, 2014
Cambodia’s foreigner-dependent gaming industry could come under threat if Vietnam passes a law allowing its citizens to gamble in their home country, an official at the Ministry of Economy and Finance said Wednesday.
Many of Cambodia’s 57 casinos are located along the country’s long border with Vietnam—where gambling is outlawed to its own citizens—and host droves of Vietnamese gamblers every day.
But a law up for a vote in Vietnam’s National Assembly in November proposes to allow its nationals to gamble on their own side of the border, said Ros Phirum, spokesman for Cambodia’s Finance Ministry.
“Cambodian casinos rely heavily on Vietnamese and Thai people. If Vietnam allows its people to play, it will be a threat to Cambodian operators,” he said.
Mr. Phirum said that while Cambodia’s gaming industry is expected to rake in $25 million this year, up from $22 million in 2013, the sector is still vulnerable.
“In terms of numbers, we have more casinos than other countries like Macao, but the size of our casinos cannot be compared because ours are small and operate unstably, which leads to bankruptcy.”
And in a report on Cambodia’s casino sector released Monday by NagaCorp Ltd., which operates Phnom Penh’s NagaWorld casino, Hong Kong-based firm Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd. said a relaxing of Vietnam’s gaming regulations would necessitate greater competition among its neighbors.

The Voice Cambodia -The Battle

The Voice Cambodia - ស្រីកា VS សុភី VS សីុកា - បេះដូង 100 - 14 Sep 2014
កម្មវិធីប្រលងចម្រៀង ល្បីលំដាប់ថ្នាក់ពិភពលោក The Voice Cambodia នឹងចាក់ផ្សាយលើកញ្ចក់ទូរទស្សន៍ ហង្សមាស HDTV នៅរៀងរាល់ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យវេលាម៉ោង ៨យប់តទៅ។ Like us now :...
Post by The Voice Cambodia.

Interview with singer Sin Chanchhaya, the son of legendary singer Sin Sisamouth

Cambodian PM Says He Will Not Meddle With Parliament [Hun Sen has broken many promises before, so this one will be no different]

This handout photo taken and released on Aug. 8, 2014 by the Cambodia National Assembly shows Prime Minister Hun Sen (C) speaking at parliament in Phnom Penh.
 AFP PHOTO / Cambodia National Assembly
Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen assured lawmakers Thursday that he would not interfere in parliamentary affairs, but took to task those who criticized him for issuing a threat against the opposition deputy speaker of the legislature.
He was elaborating on his Sept. 9 threat to throw Kem Sokha, deputy president of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), out of the National Assembly, the country’s parliament, if Kem Sokha uses his new legislative powers to put government leaders into trouble.
Hun Sen, who is also an elected lawmaker, said he did not intend to meddle with parliamentary affairs when he made the threat.
“I want those critics to study hard before accusing Hun Sen of interfering in the National Assembly,” the prime minister said at a meeting Thursday.
“Don’t forget that before becoming the prime minister, I must become a lawmaker first. So when I talk about the assembly, it doesn’t mean that I interfere with the assembly’s affairs,” he said.
Kem Sokha had said earlier that the CNRP, which entered parliament in July after boycotting it for about a year, would use its newfound power in the legislature to go after and remove government officials who are corrupt.
Kem Sokha was elected the number two leader of the National Assembly last month as part of an agreement between CNRP President Sam Rainsy and Hun Sen that defused the country's nearly one year old political crisis.

The solid unity of Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha

១៨ កញ្ញា ២០១៤ / 18 Sept. 2014
រសៀលនេះ ខ្ញុំបានជួបលោក កឹម សុខា នៅមន្ទីររដ្ឋសភា ដើម្បីពិភាក្សា អំពី កិច្ចការប្រទេសជាតិ ការងាររដ្ឋសភា និងការងារគណបក្ស។
This afternoon I met with Kem Sokha to discuss issues pertaining to the general political situation, the National Assembly and the CNRP.

Great singing by a Khmer Krom girl named Sam Sony ស្តាប់ចម្រៀងយុវតីខ្មែរក្រោម Nyny Nyny Sam ពិតជាពិរោះរណ្តំ!

More of Sam Sony's song here.

A beautiful Khmer Krom girl with a golden voice! នារីខ្មែរក្រោមដ៏ស្រស់ស្អាត ដែលមានសម្លេងមាស់!

The ruling CPP urges its members and supporters to enroll to vote គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​ណែនាំ​ឲ្យ​សមាជិក​ខ្លួន​ទៅ​ចុះ​ឈ្មោះ​បោះឆ្នោត​​

ដោយ៖​ អុិត សុធឿត​ | ថ្ងៃសុក្រ ទី19 កញ្ញា 2014 | 

​គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​កម្ពុជា​ណែនាំ​ឲ្យ​សមាជិក​ខ្លួន​ឲ្យទៅ​ចុះ​ឈ្មោះ​បោះឆ្នោត ដែល​នឹង​ផ្ដើម​ធ្វើ​ឡើង​នៅ​ដើមខែ​តុលា​ខាង​មុខ​។​
​លិខិត​របស់​គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​ចុះ​ថ្ងៃទី​៣ ខែ​កញ្ញា ឆ្នាំ​២០១៤ ជំរុញ​ឲ្យ​ប្រធាន​គណៈកម្មាធិការ​របស់​ខ្លួន​នៅតាម​រាជធានី ខេត្ត ក្រសួង និង​ស្ថាប័ន​នានា យកចិត្តទុកដាក់​ជំរុញ​សមាជិក និង​អ្នកគាំទ្រ​គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​ដែល​មិន​ទាន់​បាន​ចុះ​ឈ្មោះ​បោះឆ្នោត ឬ​អ្នក​ដែល​ទើប​គ្រប់​អាយុ​បោះឆ្នោត ឬ​អ្នក​ដែល​ទើប​ផ្លាស់​ទីលំនៅ ឲ្យទៅ​ធ្វើ​ការចុះឈ្មោះ​បោះឆ្នោត​ឲ្យបាន​គ្រប់ៗ​គ្នា​នៅ​តាម​ឃុំ​សង្កាត់​ដែល​ខ្លួន​រស់នៅ​។​
​កន្លងមក អង្គការ​សង្គម​ស៊ីវិល​បាន​សើ្ន​ឲ្យ​គណៈកម្មាធិការ​ជាតិ​រៀបចំ​ការបោះឆ្នោត កុំ​ទាន់​ពិនិត្យ​បញ្ជី​ឈ្មោះ​បោះឆ្នោត ដោយ​រង់ចាំ​គណបក្សនយោបាយ​ទាំង​ពីរ​រៀបចំ​គោលនយោបាយ​ឲ្យបាន​ចប់​សព្វគ្រប់​សិន ព្រោះ​ត្រូវ​មាន គជប ថ្មី​ធ្វើ​កិច្ចការ​។​
​ទោះយ៉ាងណា គណៈកម្មាធិការ​ជាតិ​រៀបចំ​ការបោះឆ្នោត (​គជប​) បានចេញ​សេចក្តីថ្លែងការណ៍​មួយ​ឆ្លើយតប​ទៅ​នឹង​អង្គការ​ក្រៅ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ថា ការពិនិត្យ និង​ចុះបញ្ជី​ឈ្មោះ​បោះឆ្នោត​ជា​តួនាទី​របស់​ស្ថាបន​នេះ ដោយ​ត្រូវតែ​អនុវត្ត​ជា​ការចាំបាច់ មិន​អាច​អូសបន្លាយ​បានទេ​។​
​សេចក្តីថ្លែងការណ៍​របស់ គជប ដែល​ចេញ​នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី  ២ ខែ កញ្ញា បញ្ជាក់ថា ការ​ផ្តល់​សុពលភាព​លើ​បញ្ជី​បោះ​ឆ្នោត​ត្រូវ​ធ្វើ​ចាប់ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី ១ តុលា រហូត​ដល់​ថ្ងៃ​ទី ៣១ ខែ​ធ្នូ ជា​រៀងរាល់ឆ្នាំ នៅ​ជា​ធរមាន​នៅឡើយ​។ ដូចនេះ គជប មាន​តួនាទី​អនុវត្ត​ភារកិច្ច​របស់​ខ្លួន ដែល​ច្បាប់​ប្រគល់​ឲ្យធ្វើ​។​
​នាយក​ប្រតិបត្តិ អង្គការ​និ​កហ្វិច លោក ហង្ស ពុទ្ធា បាន​មានប្រសាសន៍ថា ចម្លើយ​របស់ គជប ក៏​មិន​ខុស​ទេ​ពីព្រោះ​គាត់​ជា​អ្នកអនុវត្ត​ច្បាប់ តែ​លោក​ថា ការស្នើ​របស់​អង្គការ​សង្គម​ស៊ីវិល​នាពេលនេះ គ្រាន់តែ​ចង់​សន្សំ​ថវិកាជាតិ​ប៉ុណ្ណោះ ខណៈ​ដែល​គណបក្ស​ជាប់​ឆ្នោត​ទាំង​ពីរ​មិន​ទាន់​រៀបចំ​គោលនយោបាយ​ចប់សព្វគ្រប់​។ លោក បាន​បន្តថា សភាជាតិ​គួរតែ​បញ្ចប់​ធ្វើ​ការអនុម័ត​សេច​ក​ក្តី​ព្រាងច្បាប់ ឲ្យបាន​ឆាប់រហ័ស យោង​តាម​ការព្រមព្រៀង​គណបក្ស​ទាំង​ពីរ​ដែល​ឯកភាព​គ្នា​រៀបចំ​បញ្ជី​បោះឆ្នោត​ថ្មី ។​

The ruling CPP refuses to make the Army, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Office of the Auditor-General become independent, CPP ​បដិសេធ​ការដាក់​ស្ថាប័ន​រដ្ឋ​ចំនួន​៣ ឲ្យដាច់​ពី​គណបក្ស​នយោបាយ​​

ដោយ៖​ ថុល ស្រី​លក្ខណ៍​​ | ថ្ងៃសុក្រ ទី19 កញ្ញា 2014 |

​គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​កម្ពុជា បដិសេធ​ចំពោះ​សំណើ​របស់​ក្រុម​អង្គការ​សង្គម​ស៊ីវិល​ជាតិ និង​អន្តរជាតិ ចំនួន​១៦០ ដែល​ស្នើ​ឲ្យ​ពិចារណា​ដាក់​ស្ថាប័ន កងកម្លាំងប្រដាប់អាវុធ អាជ្ញាធរ​ជាតិ​សវនកម្ម និង​អង្គភាព​ប្រឆាំង​អំពើពុករលួយ ឲ្យដាច់​ពី​គណបក្ស​នយោបាយ ដើម្បី​ជៀសវាង​ឥទ្ធិពល​នយោបាយ​លើ​ស្ថាប័ន​រដ្ឋ​ទាំងនេះ​។​
​នេះ​ជា​ឆ្លើយតប​នឹង​លិខិត​ចំហ​ស្តី​ពី​អនុសាសន៍​ចំនួន​១២​ចំណុច របស់​គណៈកម្មាធិការ​សហប្រតិបត្តិការ​ដើម្បី​កម្ពុជា​(CCC) តំណាង​ឲ្យ​អង្គការ​ទាំង​ ១៦០កាលពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១០​ខែ​កញ្ញា ផ្ញើ​ជូន​គណបក្ស​ឈ្នះឆ្នោត​ទាំង​២​។​
​លិខិត​របស់​គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​កម្ពុជា​កាលពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៥ ខែ​កញ្ញា ឆ្នាំ​២០១៤ បានសរសេរថា គណបក្ស​នេះ​បាន​ពិចារណា​យ៉ាង​ល្អិតល្អន់​ចំពោះ​អនុសាសន៍​ទាំង​១២ ហើយ​ចំណុច​មួយចំនួន​នៅក្នុង​នោះ​ដូចជា ចំណុច​ទី​១ ទី​២ ទី​៣ ទី​៦ និង​ទី​៧ គឺ​ក្រុមការងារ​ចម្រុះ​របស់​គណបក្ស​ទាំង​២ និង​ស្ថាប័ន​ពាក់ព័ន្ធ បាន​ឯកភាពគ្នា​លើ​ចំណុច​មួយចំនួន និង​កំពុង​ពិភាក្សា​បន្ត​។
លិខិត​បន្តថា ដោយឡែក​ចំណុច​​ទី​៤ គឺ​ការដាក់​ស្ថាប័ន អាជ្ញាធរ​ជាតិ​សវនកម្ម និង​អង្គភាព​ប្រឆាំង​អំពើពុករលួយ ឲ្យដាច់​ពី​គណបក្ស​នយោបាយ គឺជា​ការហាមឃាត់​មន្ត្រី​ទាំងនោះ​មិនឲ្យ​ធ្វើ​នយោបាយ ប៉ះពាល់​ដល់​រដ្ឋធម្មនុញ្ញ និង​ច្បាប់​បោះឆ្នោត ដែល​ជា​សិទ្ធិ​ធ្វើ​នយោបាយ​របស់​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​។​
​ប៉ុន្តែ​លិខិត​ឆ្លើយតប​ទៅ​គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​កម្ពុជា របស់​គណៈកម្មាធិការ​សហប្រតិបត្តិការ​ដើម្បី​កម្ពុជា​(CCC) ចេញផ្សាយ​កាលពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៨​ខែ​កញ្ញា បានឲ្យដឹងថា ក្នុង​ចំណុច​ទី​៤ មិន​បាន​លើកឡើង​ដូច​មានចែង​នៅក្នុង​លិខិត​របស់​គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​កម្ពុជា​នោះ​ទេ​។ លិខិត​បន្ថែមថា ក្នុង​ចំណុច​ទី​៤​គឺ ស្នើរ​ឲ្យ​ដាក់​កងកម្លាំងប្រដាប់អាវុ​ធ អាជ្ញាធរ​ជាតិ​សវនកម្ម និង​អង្គភាព​ប្រឆាំង​អំពើពុករលួយ ឲ្យដាច់​ពី​គណបក្ស​នយោបាយ  ហើយ​ការ​ដាក់​ស្ថាប័ន​ទាំងនេះ​ឲ្យនៅ​ដាច់ដោយឡែក​ពី​បក្សន​យោបា​យ ដើម្បី​ការពារ​ប្រយោជន៍​ពលរដ្ឋ គឺ​មិន​ធ្វើ​ប៉ះពាល់​ដល់​សិទ្ធិ​នយោបាយ​របស់​មន្ត្រី​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ជា​បុគ្គលឬ​ពលរដ្ឋ​នោះ​ទេ​។
លិខិត​នេះ​បាន​ស្នើរ​ឲ្យ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ពិ​ចារ​ពិចារណា ពិចារណា​ពី​អនុសាសន៍​នេះ​ឡើងវិញ ហើយ​បន្ត​ដាក់​អនុសាសន៍​នេះ​ដល់​សមាជិក សមាជិកា នៃ​គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​កម្ពុជា​ដែល​មាន​អស​នៈ​ក្នុង​រដ្ឋសភា​។​
​នាយក​ប្រតិបត្តិ​គណៈកម្មាធិការ​សហប្រតិបត្តិ​ការ​ដើម្បី​កម្ពុជា​(CCC) លោក សឿន សារឿ​ន មានប្រសាសន៍ថា គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​គួរ​ពិចារណា​ឡើងវិញ ព្រោះ​ការ​ដាក់​ស្ថាប័ន​ទាំង​៣​នេះ​ឲ្យនៅ​ដាច់​ពី​គណបក្ស​នយោបា​យ ដើម្បី​កុំ​ឲ្យ​ស្ថាប័ន​ទាំងនេះ​ស្ថិតនៅក្រោម​សំពាធ​នយោបាយ​តែ​ប៉ុណ្ណោះ​ «​យើង​មិនមែន​បិទបាំង​សិទ្ធិ​សេរីភាព​របស់​បុគ្គ​ល ក្នុងការ​ធ្វើ​នយោបាយ​ឬ​ចូលរួម​បោះឆ្នោត​ទេ​។ សំខាន់​ណឹង​កុំឲ្យ​មាន​ការតែងតាំង​ក្នុងនាម គណបក្សនយោបាយ​»​។​

President of Anti-Corruption Commission of the National Assembly Ho Vann met with Preap Kol of Transparency International

Members of anti-graft commission meet with Transparency International 
Give our kids a better deal 
Photo file of Hov Vann (C), president of the National Assembly's Commission on Investigation, Clearance and Anti-Corruption, met with Preap Kol (R), president of Transparency Internatioinal Cambodia on Sept. 19, 2014. Photo/Transparency International Cambodia's Facebook page.

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- The National Assembly's Commission on Investigation, Clearance and Anti-Corruption met Friday with Transparency International Cambodia to discuss graft in Cambodia. 

The members of the commission was led by CNRP's lawmaker Ho Vann, while the member of the Transparency International Cambodia was led by Preap Kol. 

Both sides tried to find ways how they can cooperate to fight against Corruption which is a major concern for Cambodia.

Cambodia, Australia Talk Aid in Refugee Negotiations

Ambassador Alison Burrows shakes hand with Foreign Minister Hor Nam Hong.
BY  AND  | the cambodia daily, SEPTEMBER 19, 2014
Cambodian officials met Wednesday with Australian Ambassador Alison Burrows and visiting Assistant Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Trade Keith Scott to discuss Australia’s financial assistance plans for the country over the next few years, state news agency Agence Kampuchea Presse (AKP) reported Thursday.
Chheang Yanara, a delegate minister attached to Prime Minister Hun Sen, said after the meeting that Australia was preparing its development assistance plan for Cambodia for 2015 to 2018 “in order to respond to the country’s new development context,” according to AKP.
Contacted Thursday, Mr. Yanara declined to talk about the meeting and the Australian Embassy did not respond to a request for comment.
The meeting comes amid secret negotiations between the two countries on a pending plan that would see Cambodia resettle asylum seekers Australia is currently holding offshore.
Neither country will comment on the details, but Australia is expected to handsomely compensate Cambodia in return for taking in the refugees.