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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Advice to the Cambodia National Rescue Party

Re: Cambodian National Rescue Party hopes to win two seats in Svay Rieng province

By Yobal Khmer

Do you want to win? Take my advice CNRP...

Work header, layout your principle of your ideology. What is your goal!? Working to reach your goal, explain to anyone you come into contact with whether they are CPP supporters or undecided or stupid foe on the streets to vote for your party. Tell them the reasons why you want their votes.

Promise them something, but if you win you have to honor your promise. Tell them what the CPP clans did to your country, for example, land evictions, land grabbing, robbing from the poor giving to the rich or giving to it cronies, killing journalists to silence them, injustices perpetrated against for those who are not the CPP clans. Corruption are blown out of proportions, the justice system is biased in favor of their CPP clans only.

Human rights abuses, power abuses. The CPP are well-connected and they have abused the poor Khmers people everyday.Tell those who are undecided or who are willing to listen to you that your party will change for the better to all Cambodians. Tell them that your democratic party will respect human rights and create opportunities for all Khmers enforce the rules of laws, to obey respect the constitution of Cambodia at all time.

Tell them about CPP's destruction of our forests and killing those who are trying to protect and defend what belong to Khmers, someone like environmentalist Chut Wutty and Hang Serei Oudom, the journalist who got killed by the CPP thugs.Tell them why they should vote for your party, not the CPP. Tell them it's time to change for the better for Cambodia and move it forward to benefit all Khmers. Justice for all, opportunity for all, protect defend against all domestic and external enemies. Enforce your immigration's laws, deport all aliens and illegal Vietnamese or Thais or any nationalities that entered Cambodia illegally.Tell them what they want to hear in order to win their VOTES.


Anonymous said...

Dude! It is so poor advice, I thought it was different from everyone’s view but actually you’re coming late and even a 15 years-old boy knows how to say that way, don’t you think that all of the leaders of National Recue Party don’t know how to campaign and convincing people to vote for them? They’re surely aware much more than you believed.
Sorry! But thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

good advise. dont listen to the cpp dogs. they will say anything to attack the oppositions and the supporters. cpp dogs are like youns. they have poor education, dnt like democracy and talks like a 5th grader.

for now, we must use technology at our disposal and encourage others to share information. we must teach them voting is for important then a bag of rice.

Anonymous said...

excellent advice.

True Khmer

Anonymous said...

12:41pm you are yourn krala kloun chea khmer. I support the advice . That is what the opposition party must do. Most of our khmer people do not know what the thug government have done to our beloved country. I suggest all khmer must know every single thing that the thug cpp do to our khmer country.

Anonymous said...

I am sad that Khmerization allows such comments on the site. It does not serve anyone's interest. Instead it creats hatered and upset many potential supports. Khmerization should allow a more civilised debate on their site.